Sunday, December 11, 2005


No running today - it's probably not a good idea to be out breathing in the smoke fumes from the fuel depot explosion.

I have no dramatic stories to tell. I was asleep at 6am when I stirred to see my wfe looking out of the window. "wasssupp?" I mumbled. "There has just been a big explosion and the house shook" she replied "Oh" I said and fell back to sleep again. I have a really impressive, hair trigger, emergency reflex.

It was just like the big hurricane of 1987 when I slept through the whole thing and was only woken by the telephone. When I answered I sounded like a complete numpty, not knowing a thing about what had happened.

It is really rather strange today - I look out of the window on one side of my house and the sky is dark, whilst on the other side the sky is blue and bright.



beanz said...

no not good for running

pleased you are ok

C A D said...

I find it amazing that the sky is covered with thick black smoke and people are being told to stay indoors and yet the emergency services say "there's no risk to health". Tut!

As beanz said, glad you're okay and for what it's worth, I reckon Mr Cath would probably have slept through it too..! Tis good that you did... you couldn't have done anything anyway.


beanz said...

Have a good Christmas


C A D said...

Happy Christmas HK.