Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas run

Went for a run this morning and I can’t think of a better way to start Christmas. Whilst my wife and elder daughter went to church, I ran alongside the canal. In our own way each of us were contemplative and felt in touch with the wider world - before we got down to the serious business of opening presents.

My run felt fresh. There were few people about - the odd dog walker and some couples out for a stroll - so I was determined to greet all of them. This is not my normal behaviour as us southerners are trained at an early age to avoid all eye contact and act as if we are invisible. I was thus not cheery and effusive but even my limited greeting was a bit too much for some people. Others though were really warm and that made it feel like Christmas day.

Down by the canal there were some narrow boats with smoke coming from their stoves and the smell of the burning coal was quite evocative. Open coal fires are now a rarity so the smell takes me right back to my early life. Even beyond that as I thought of early photographs of the canals and industrial towns, with smoke coming from a mass of chimneys and a black pall. From a few canal boats the smell can be nostalgic but it also remind us of how quality is now o much better. (I say this of course from Hemel Hempstead, which had an enormous black cloud of smoke overhead for a good few days).

There were other things that heightened the reality of the run. A woman dressed as an elf loading presents into a car made me smile, seeing kids out on new bicycles was just how it should be and the peeling of the church bells as I returned to the High Street brought everything together.

To all of you who read this have a very happy Christmas and to all of you who have posted comments in the past I would like to say how much I have appreciated them.


C A D said...

HK - I often check in here and often don't have a great deal to say. One thing that does continually touch me about the people in our circle who use blogs... the depth of friendship and humanity which shines within each and everyone of them. You also. It's a pleasure to read (and comment) on the trials and tribulations that life throws at us... and of course on the occasional run too.

beanz said...

I too check in here regularly and love reading what you have to say

have agood 2006

and keep reflecting and writing

Evil Pixie said...

sounds like a wonderful run!
Wish I was out there too but sensible head on just now!
Happy 2006!

Highway Kind said...

Pixie - Yes it was. I think I will have to go out next Christmas Day as well. Doubt if I will see any elves though.

Beanz - Thanks

Cathh - Yes it is true. Everyone in this little blog comunity has my deep admiration

Leon said...

I thankyou for you insightful comments and support over the last year.. and wish you a Very Happy New Year...


b-z said...

I treasure your words

thats all i want to say
Ruth xxxxxxxx

Highway Kind said...


That is just the nicest thing you could say