Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Back Again

Back again. It is amazing how easy it is to drift away from posting. Part of the reason is that I have not been running and not running makes me feel low.

The shin splints I had turned out to be a stress fracture - so it is just a matter of waiting until everything is 100% normal. But am getting a little paranoid, always testing how the leg feels - comparing it with the good leg and it is very difficult to be positive when you have lost confidence in the bodies ability to heal itself.

Nevertheless, slowly, slowly things have improved and I have a certain amount of faith that I will come back stronger. One of the reasons is that this break has forced me to look at my whole body and realise that running is not enough. There have to be other exercises to keep the body in balance.

I have been working on not only on strengthening all the muscle groups in the legs but also trying to increase flexibility (my hamstrings are pathetically short and tight). Core strength is not too bad but can always be improved, but shoulders are terribly tight - too much time in front of a computer.

I thus have a cunning plan to gradually introduce running into a more balanced exercise regime. I refuse to call it cross training it is far more sanguine than that.


beanz said...

sorry you've been injured - take careof yourself - and as you say, an opportunity to develop upper body strength too

keep posting - I've missed your thoughts

Highway Kind said...

Thanks for that Beanz.