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Juneathon 2012 Day 30 - Summary

Juneathon 2012 Day 30 - Summary
Gym - 35min
So Juneathon 2012 has finished and so I award myself a rosette. There is actually another reason for the photo - it has been a good year for the roses. This year's weather might bear little resemblance to the ideal of summer but the rain and moderate temperatures have obviously suited some plants and flowers. It is a pleasure to be out and appreciate how lush and green the landscape is. You see things are never all bad, which is a good link into my Juneathon efforts: it's not all bad.
After a virus, which had left me short of breath and feeble of limb for about 3 months, my only objective was to work on basic fitness. Cycling is quite good because it is load bearing there are times you can coast, walking is always the base of everything, and the gym is a way of working on strength. Rotating those three things seemed a balanced approach as they could all be done gently, at intensity that felt appropriate. I didn't include running because it felt too hard (I had one run with Tom during the month and it did indeed feel hard).
I might not have done anything of any great athletic virtue but this June has been a great success for one simple reason -  I stuck at it.  At the end of May I was not sure I would manage anything at all: I felt a great internal weariness and doing anything was a big effort. Now things are on the up and I have an optimism that I will be able to get fit again. It will take a long time because I am on the bottom rungs but at least I am on the ladder. Juneathon has been a beginning. 
So the stats have been:
Walking - 11 sessions, 15 hours, 44 miles
Cycling - 8 sessions, 9 hours, 122 miles
Gym - 10 sessions, 6 hours
Running - once, 2.9 miles

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