Friday, April 20, 2012

An Absence Explained

It has been a very long time since I wrote anything - so I had better explain:
Holidays are bad for your health!
At the end of February I had a short break in Mallorca, to gather a few rays of sunshine and so lighten a dreary English winter. It worked perfectly: the sky was blue, the sea was clear and the mountains were beautiful. All was good. Unfortunately as soon as I came back I started coughing, my chest felt heavy and I felt as if I was breathing through a blanket. Not good. Even worse the infection dragged on and on for weeks. Even when the cough went I was left feeling week and feeble.
For two months I have not only not run I have not done anything apart from get through each day. The thought of writing about running felt like a cruel joke - so I didn't.
But now things are looking up. I have run for 30min (quite slowly it must be admitted) and think things will soon get back to normal - which, of course, includes blogging
P.S. The picture is of the studio of Joan Miro, who lived and worked in Mallorca in his later years. I have posted it, not only because I think it is rather fine, but because it was built at the same time (1955) as the New Town of Hemel Hempstead was being developed. None of our buildings from the period look anywhere near as stylish (we specialised in a rather earnest plainness) . I know, I know - the quality of the light makes an enormous difference and a one-off building designed by an architect for his friend is bound to be more distinctive than town development in Hertfordshire but even so ...

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Adele said...

Grrrr, damn those lingering lurgies. It's good to have you back.