Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Stuff

It is Christmas Eve and I prefer it to Christmas Day itself.

I like fettling around with last minute tasks and the feeling of getting things ready. As long as you don't leave too much to do it is good to know things will come together and everything will be ready. Wrapping presents is almost better than opening them and we decorate the Christmas tree (our tradition is to wait until Christmas Eve before putting up the tree), to the sound of carols and the air heavy with the smell of mince pies being baked

It is a good day but there is not much time for running – it is a matter of priorities. At the moment I am on a fairly relaxed schedule of running every other day. Today is a running day and if truth be told a longer run run is overdue but there is no chance of that. Instead there is time for 3 miles or so at a pace that gets me puffed. I like these runs. At the end I put my hands on my knees, take a few deep breath then slowly straighten up before sauntering back home feeling relaxed. As I have only run a short distance the legs are not tired and it is eventually refreshing. The day can thus be faced and all jobs can be done. In the end there will be a pile of presents under the tree and I will wonder at the number of parcels and just how much stuff there is.

The picture at the top of this post comes from the British Museum and it is appropriate because if ever there was a place jammed full of stuff, it is the British Museum. I marvel at the ability of people to represent the world and make beautiful objects. As humans we all have a drive to make things and decorate, an inherent sense of form, but some people are exceptionally talented and the Museum is full of examples the best of work. It help us look at afresh at all the things that surround us in our own lives and all the things we are giving and receiving..

Anyway I hope everybody who reads this has a good Christmas, with good company, good running and, of course, lots of good stuff.

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Adele said...

Bit late, I know, but a belated happy Christmas and a Happy New Year! I love Christmas Eve too, the anticipation is so much more enjoyable. We had a lovely time but I am still catching up after being away for a week over NY with family, blogging will happen sometime soon!