Friday, March 21, 2008

Posture - and another thing

This is a small addendum to my last post because I suddenly remembered a piece about the rehabilitation of Jonathan Woodgate, whose career has been plagued by muscle tears. The key to his improvement seems to be posture:

Woodgate was supervised one-on-one as he went through "core training". This is intended to condition the torso and improve posture so that the danger of injury is reduced. Phil Pask, as senior physio to the England rugby squad for 10 years that included the 2003 World Cup triumph, is well versed in an unrelenting sport and knows the value of core work. "We are looking," he said, "for a normal movement pattern. Physios now will have a grounding in yoga and Pilates."

later on in the article the physio used the made-up word of prehabilitation. Inspite of that it is the best idea; injury is just the worst thing and so everything possible must be done to try to prevent it. In running the most important thing is consistency and that can only happen when all work is done within the body's limits.

That is why I think core work and posture is important – it helps with those limits.

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beanz said...

I came across prehabilitation recently in the local paper - they have had a successful pilot project preparing heart patients by getting them fitter before th op.