Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A short Hill Run

For the first time for ages and ages it has felt like a summer evening. Not a balmy evening after a hot day, just a blue sky, clear light and a warmish temperature. Enough to lift the spirits - a good time for a hill run.

Plod plod plod, puff puff puff.

Nearby there is a big open area, which has a slope sharp enough to make my legs feel very heavy.

Tonight I was slowly going up the hill and a young girl aged about 8 skipped along beside me for a bit

“Why must you have to do that?” she asked
“I don’t have to do it but I like to do it. It keeps me fit”
“I like to keep fit as well. But sometimes if you do it to long you get all out of puff and sweaty”
“You’re right there – that is just how I feel”
“I have to go this way now. What way do you have to go?”
“Back down again”
“Bye bye”
“Bye bye”

It made me feel very cheery

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beanz said...

and made me smile - thanks