Monday, April 23, 2007

Fat Lip and Bluebells

This weekend, while people were involved some minor mass-participation event in London, I was running in Ashridge. It is a regular route but one I never tire of - no matter how many times I run or cycle the paths. Every time I visit there are subtle changes in light, vegetation and wildlife; and I love seeing the seasonal changes. Sometimes I think there is no finer place to be.

However it is now especially vivid because the bluebells are out and fresh. One part of the route is just a tremendous carpet of violet/blue with a tracery of narrow paths. Wonderful!

There is a downside to running off road - you have to be careful where you put your feet. There are dangers in the tree roots. Last time I ran here I was feeling happy and relaxed, with my mind wandering in a daydreamy fashion when suddenly I found myself flat on the floor. I had caught my foot in a root and fallen forward so suddenly I didn't have time to break my fall. I landed flat on my face - just like that. Luckily I have a squashy nose so there was nothing broken but it did make me think of two clich├ęs afresh:

  • Eat dirt - Yes I had taken a full bite of earth
  • Fat lip - an entirely accurate description

I also realised that I still have the instincts of a runner because my first action on falling was to push the pause button on my watch.


beanz said...

aha so not quite so laid back then, pausing the watch!

but a lovely description of your bluebell run

C A D said...

I saw the bluebells out on my run past the local cemetary last night. They're lovely flowers... pity they're getting to be rarer and rarer. Stopping the watch... yep, definitely the instincts of a runner.

b-z said...

ha ha ha

the first thing i check after i fall over is my garmin
and then myself

awful isnt it

Bluebells are in my garden this year-they just appeared

Bedders said...

first time on your blog and what a great read. Your description of going straight to your pause button after you fall, rings loud bells!

ps did the watch re set?!

womble said...

Bluebells are such wonderful flowers. I don't know what it is about them. They remind of my childhood, we used to have lots of them in the garden. One of these years I shall knock on someone's front door at this time of year and ask if they can spare a few bulbs.

And yes, the pause button..... ;o)

asmallprincess said...

Lol! Of course, I'm not laughing at your misfortune, just the pause button.

Highway Kind said...

Hello Bedders = hope you stick around

Ah Princess you could have laughed at my fall. It was pure slapstick - albeit with some pain.