Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Finding Your Way Pt. 2

I have just reread my last post and think it’s a bit jumbled. It had two main points; one was to say that Amsterdam is a lovely city that I greatly enjoyed exploring on foot; the other was to describe the way I try to not get lost in a strange city whilst running without a map. It was the failure of the second part that bothers me. I know it was a failure because my wife read it and said she did not understand what I was going on about.

It may be the old clichés about one of the main differences between men and women being map reading but most of our discussions, about how know where you are, end in mutual incomprehension.

Identify a couple of landmarks; find them on a map; and then look at the pattern of roads around them; keep that picture in your mind and then keep track of the turns you take when you are out. Simple …....I think.

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