Friday, November 04, 2005

Letters to an Intimate Stranger

Rummaging through the jumbled attic I like to call my mind I thought about Jack Trevor Story.He was someone who took pride in being a professional writer, a craftsman, who wrote with great style and humour. In the 70s he wrote a well-regarded saturday column in the Guardian, that was later collected and published under the title ‘Letters to an Intimate Stranger’.

I think is a wonderful title and I remembered it because it is now a perfect description of what we do with blogs. I will sometimes write things I haven’t told other people and I am always impressed by the openness of the blogs I read.

But if we are intimate strangers I think the word 'strangers' needs to be redefined.


beanz said...

crumbs, Jack Trevor Story - that brings back memeories

I never missed reading him - the other Guardian man, at about the same time I guess, that I never missed was James Cameron

Highway Kind said...

I wish more people remembered him. He was a very fine writer whose subject was everyday people and how they could mess up in extrodinary ways.

In is column he combine painful honesty with insights into his literary heroes.

Unfortunately his later years were rather sad, as this you can see in this article by his friend Michael Moorcock

You're right about James Cameron, he was a great journalist.

beanz said...

Thank you for that link, moving stuff.