Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some problems with cross training

Wonderful though off road cycling can be there is sometimes a downside. After my latest ride my bike looked like this:

And I looked a bit like this picture of Fran Cotton:

When I got home I received a pitying look, questions about my sanity and a request to not spread mud everywhere (the last was impossible). Things were so bad the post-ride beer had been skipped - something previously unknown.

That said the challenge to keep going was quite exhilarating (I only lost it twice, when there was just no traction between muddy tyre and slippy surface). It was also harder work than running - the wheels just got sucked into the clay. I think it must have increased the strength in my quads quite amazingly.

No cold bath nonsense after such a ride.

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beanz said...

Biking always seems harder work than runnign to me so well done.